Are social media making everyone of us more depressed?

29 November , 2019   Blog

In this age of  21st century as known as age of Science and Technology,I find this question very hot and reasoning
Are social media making everyone of us more depressed?
First of all, i would like to go with the quote of the famous American Actor,comedian, filmmaker and writer.
Bill Murray
"Social media are training us to compare our lives,instead of appreciating everything we have.
No wonder why everyone is depressed" -Bill Murray

I do think almost most of the people are nowdays are in more depressed state than before the age of Computer begins.
And the real victims are Teenager and youth who has so much more to give in return to society ,country and overall mankind.

So many of Social media are evovling in order to be a part of everyone life style or let me give some names (I am not against any of social media :) )
Two or more of gaints Social media like Facebook,Instragram,Tiktok that have already become a basic need and
part of every one life style.
And the Big question is
Can we really blame Social Media and some gaints like Facebook,Instragram and Tiktok for increasing level of depressed state?

Let us think very wisely.

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