Talk between Entrepreneurship Freelancers Of Two Developing Countries

20 October , 2019   Blog

Talk between Entrepreneurship Freelancers

This talk is an interesting talk between me and one of my friends Benjamin in the month of Feb,2019.

We were selected for the project(remote) from freelancing platform Upwork

I was from Nepal and he was foreign country(Nairobi ,Kenya)

It was second day at work(remote) project and

At the end of the day, We generally want to know about each other then we broke the ice on the skype chat.

Me: How are you? Benjamin

Benjamin: I'm very fine.How about you?

Me: I also good.

I am very curious and frank at asking question so i asked.

Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur?

Benjamin: I am freelancer but with Entrepreneurship aspirations.

Me: wow wow same like me :)

Your good are you at Laravel? main stream programing languages of yours?

Benjamin: Been working with Laravel for 4 years now. I would say its my main.

Worked with Java (Spring boot), Python (Flask) and Nodejs too.

Thought of it as too much of Showoff (This was my impression at first but i know my friend Benjamin, he is too much good person and doesn't show off at all ) but I replied.

Me: Quite lots of skills you do have. Wow impressive.

Benjamin: Not a expert though.Still learning.

Now it was my turn

Me:I have heard a quote

"Every man is a learner until last breathe"


Moral of the Talk:

  • Always keep yourself motivated just like Benjamin said

" I am freelancer but with Entrepreneurship aspirations."

  • Don't ever feel that you don't know much

Remember Every man is a learner until last breathe.

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